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  1. Introduction
  2. Critical Modules in SharpTrader
  3. Planned SharpTrader Modules for 2024
  4. Potential Unleashed by Each SharpTrader Module for arbitrage trading.
    • Forex Trading with Personal Capital
    • Forex Trading with Prop Firm’s Capital
    • Cryptocurrency Trading on Exchanges
  5. Conclusion 


In this article, we will explore the exciting potential of arbitrage trading in the year 2024, with a particular focus on the innovative SharpTrader product and its array of features. We’ll examine the existing capabilities of SharpTrader and the new features slated for release in 2024, which are poised to influence the landscape of arbitrage trading significantly. This discussion aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of how these advancements could shape future trading strategies and profitability in the dynamic world of arbitrage trading.

Critical Modules in SharpTrader

  • Built-in Arbitrage Strategies: Latency, Lock, LockCL1, LockCL2, LockCL3 Statistical, Triangular, Hedge, and L-Pouring. The built-in arbitrage strategies in SharpTrader cover all the needs of traders in both Forex and the increasingly attractive cryptocurrency markets, which are projected to be highly profitable in 2024 due to major players’ investment interests. Key strategies like hedge and latency arbitrage are significant for crypto arbitrage, particularly on platforms like Kraken, OKX, and Binance. SharpTrader connects to almost all known crypto exchanges, including local ones.

Videos about SharpTrader built-in arbitrage strategies.

Viewing several videos about SharpTrader’s built-in arbitrage strategies is recommended because these videos can give you a deeper understanding of how each strategy functions in various market conditions. They can offer practical insights and demonstrate the application of these strategies in real-time scenarios, which is invaluable for grasping their effectiveness and potential profitability. Additionally, these videos can serve as an educational tool, helping you to navigate better and utilize the SharpTrader platform for your trading needs.

Video – SharpTrader Arbitrage Software – How to add and adjust LockCL2 built-in strategy

Video – Mastering Hedge SharpTrader Arbitrage: A Step-by-Step Guide

Video- How to Add & Adjust the Statistical Arbitrage Strategy to Sharptrader Arbitrage Software | Tutorial

  • 2023 Forex trading evolved into two distinct paths: trading with personal capital at standard brokerage firms and participating in prop firm contests to trade with the firm’s capital. SharpTrader caters to both of these trends with a variety of strategies. For instance, it offers LockCL1-LockCL3 and Hedge strategies, with LockCL1 being exceptionally effective for FIX API accounts. Hedge Arbitrage, while versatile, requires higher deposits. Statistical Arbitrage is also noteworthy for being broker-friendly, allowing direct trading and covering other strategies. This diversification in trading approaches reflects the dynamic nature of the Forex market.
  • The Custom Strategy Programming Module in SharpTrader is a versatile tool that empowers clients to bring their unique trading ideas to life. It facilitates the creation of custom strategies by providing pre-built connections to Forex brokers and crypto exchanges.

SharpTrader Coding Module - create your custom bot

Pic. 1 – SharpTrader Coding module

This module is handy for traders developing custom arbitrage robots or broker-friendly bots that discreetly carry out arbitrage trading. It opens up possibilities for personalized trading tactics, catering to conventional and innovative trading methods.

Video- Mastering Bots in SharpTrader: A Comprehensive Guide to Creating and Using Custom Trading Bots

  • AI-based Arbitrage Strategy Optimization Module: AI optimization significantly enhances the performance of arbitrage strategies, which don’t inherently work uniformly across various brokers or prop firms. By employing AI, strategies can be finely tailored to specific Forex brokers or prop firms, achieving remarkable precision.

AI optimized parammeters

Pic. 2. – SharpTrader AI Optimizer

This is mainly due to AI’s ability to uncover complex correlations, boosting profitability in situations where traditional arbitrage strategies might not have been effective. This technology elevates the potential for higher returns in suitable arbitrage scenarios and transforms challenging trading environments into profitable opportunities.

Video – AI Optimization for Arbitrage Strategies: A Comprehensive Tutorial

  • Charts and Manual Trading Module: For detailed market analysis and hands-on trading.
  • Order Analysis Module: The Order Analysis Module in SharpTrader is a critical tool for traders focusing on the finer details of their transactions. It provides an in-depth examination of execution times and slippage for each trade. This module is particularly valuable for understanding the operational efficiency of trading strategies and identifying potential areas for improvement. By analyzing these details, traders can gain insights into the actual performance of their trades, allowing them to make informed decisions about strategy adjustments and risk management. This module is crucial for post-analysis, understanding how the strategy works, and its potential maximum profit or loss for each order. It aids in determining the settings for subsequent manual optimization or using the previously mentioned AI optimizer.

Planned SharpTrader Modules for 2024

  • Non-Toxic Strategy Module: For disguising arbitrage trading activities. It’s a strategy developed through extensive experimentation to earn profits on various types of Forex brokers, including those unsuitable for arbitrage trading, while also masking arbitrage strategies.
  • The Visual Custom Robot Constructor, a part of the Custom Strategy Programming Module in SharpTrader, is designed to ease the creation of arbitrage and non-arbitrage trading bots in Forex and cryptocurrency markets. This innovative tool democratizes strategy development, enabling traders without extensive programming knowledge to build custom trading bots.
  • Additionally, the Tick-wise Strategy Backtester is set to be a game-changer in 2024. It thoroughly tests any trading strategy using precise tick data, providing insights into critical aspects like slippage and execution times. This tool represents a significant advancement, equipping traders with the capability to refine and test their strategies with a high degree of accuracy.

Potential Unleashed by Each SharpTrader Module for arbitrage trading

Each module in SharpTrader is designed to unlock new capabilities and enhance the efficacy of arbitrage trading strategies. From AI optimization that brings a nuanced understanding of market dynamics to the back tester that ensures strategies are robust and reliable, SharpTrader is set to transform the landscape of Forex latency arbitrage trading in 2024.

Based on the information, let’s explore how to customize SharpTrader for trading in the Forex and cryptocurrency markets according to individual preferences and capabilities.

Forex Trading with Personal Capital

If you prefer trading with your capital in the Forex market, strategies like LockCL1, LockCL2, LockCL3, Hedge, and Statistical are essential. I strongly recommend using the AI Optimization module for precise preset creation for brokerage firms. Also, correctly specifying the broker tag can save time and resources through collective efforts. To prolong the lifespan of each account, delve into the programming module to create non-toxic strategies for brokers and use them alongside arbitrage strategies.

Forex Trading with Prop Firm’s Capital

  • Trading with a proprietary firm’s capital can be more challenging for several reasons:
  • Strict Trading Rules and Guidelines: Prop firms often have specific trading rules and guidelines that traders must follow. These can include limits on daily losses, overall drawdowns, and restrictions on trading specific instruments or during particular times.
  • Profit Sharing Arrangements: Traders typically share a portion of their profits with the prop firm. This arrangement can affect the trader’s overall earnings and may require achieving higher profit margins.
  • Performance Pressure: Since traders handle the firm’s capital, there is added pressure to perform consistently. This can be stressful, especially for traders who are used to managing their accounts with more flexibility.
  • Risk Management: Prop firms usually have stringent risk management protocols. Traders must strictly adhere to these protocols, which may limit their trading strategies and potential profits.
  • Evaluation and Monitoring: Many prop firms have evaluation processes and continuously monitor traders’ activities. This can include passing specific challenges or trials to access or continue using the firm’s capital.

These factors make trading with a prop firm’s capital more complex and structured than trading one’s capital.

If you prefer to pass a competition and trade with a prop firm, I recommend using SharpTrader with the LockCL2 strategy. This arbitrage strategy contains hard-stop loss and equity control and can help overcome challenges in prop firms.

The AI Optimizer module will be essential, as it can select or enhance sets specifically for prop firms.

Cryptocurrency Trading on Exchanges

In cryptocurrency arbitrage, studying and continuously monitoring the behavior of various altcoins due to their high volatility and market dynamics is crucial. Altcoins can experience significant price fluctuations in short periods, leading to arbitrage opportunities. By understanding each coin’s market trends, liquidity, and transaction costs, traders can better identify profitable arbitrage opportunities and adjust their strategies accordingly. Constant monitoring is necessary to respond quickly to these changing market conditions and optimize the potential gains from arbitrage trading in the highly dynamic and unpredictable crypto market.

For cryptocurrency trading on exchanges, the Hedge and Latency strategies are essential. The AI Optimizer is highly recommended as it quickly adapts your settings to new altcoins. The programming module is also invaluable for creating market entry filters and enhancing your trading strategy’s effectiveness and precision in the volatile crypto market.

Using a programming module to create market entry filters is especially important in cryptocurrency trading due to the market’s high volatility and unpredictability. Filters can help make informed decisions by analyzing market conditions, trends, and potential risks before executing trades. They enable traders to set specific criteria or conditions that must be met before entering a trade, thereby reducing impulsive or emotionally driven decisions. This strategic approach is crucial in the crypto market, where rapid price changes and market sentiment can significantly impact trade outcomes.


In conclusion, this article has explored the diverse capabilities of SharpTrader in the evolving landscape of Forex and cryptocurrency trading. It emphasizes the platform’s various strategies and innovative modules like the AI Optimizer and programming module, which are instrumental in customizing trading approaches. Particularly for Forex trading with personal capital and prop firm capital, as well as cryptocurrency trading, SharpTrader offers tools that adapt to a trader’s unique needs, enhancing strategy efficiency and profitability in the dynamic trading market.