AI-Enhanced Arbitrage Strategy Optimizer for SharpTrader


This state-of-the-art tool is expertly crafted to transform your trading journey. It functions by gathering and scrutinizing the configurations and outcomes of your SharpTrader built-in arbitrage trading strategies. Leveraging sophisticated AI algorithms, it fine-tunes these configurations, guiding you towards optimal trading results.

$39.95 / month and a $1.00 sign-up fee

Tweak = 1 optimization for 1 trading instrument for one strategy and one broker.
-TweakBasic: For the entry-level package offering 10 tweaks per month, suitable for newcomers or casual traders.
-TweakPlus: This mid-tier package provides 25 tweaks per month, ideal for more experienced traders seeking greater flexibility.
-TweakUltra: The premium package offering a robust 65 tweaks per month, perfect for advanced traders demanding the highest level of strategy customization.


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Introducing an innovative addon for SharpTrader – the AI-Enhanced Arbitrage Strategy Optimizer. This cutting-edge tool is designed to elevate your trading experience by collecting and analyzing settings and results from your arbitrage trading strategies. Utilizing advanced AI technology, it optimizes these settings to help you achieve the best possible trading outcomes.

AI Optimization SharpTrader

Key Features:

  1. AI-Powered Analysis and Optimization: The addon analyzes your trading data intelligently, using AI algorithms to optimize settings for improved performance.
  2. Solo and Collective AI Optimization: Traders have the flexibility to optimize parameters individually or participate in a collective effort, enhancing the potential for refined strategies.
  3. Broker and Server-Specific Pools: When working collectively, the AI categorizes data into pools based on specific brokers and servers, acknowledging that brokers may have various servers with distinct plugins and settings. This allows for tailored optimization that is broker and server-specific.
  4. Community-Driven Data Optimization: In collective settings, optimization is driven by data contributed by all pool participants. The AI refines this shared data to produce optimized settings distributed to each member, ensuring everyone benefits from the collective intelligence.
  5. Unique Broker Optimization: For traders using brokers unknown to other members, the addon still performs optimization, albeit solely based on data from that individual trader. This ensures that every trader can benefit from optimized settings regardless of their broker’s popularity.
  6. Privacy and Anonymity: The addon upholds complete anonymity, ensuring that individual trading strategies and data remain confidential while benefiting from the community’s collective intelligence.

collective optimization with ai optimizer

Users of the AI optimizer for arbitrage strategy parameters can evaluate the optimization results through voting, thereby collectively selecting the best outcomes.

Like or Dislike optimized parameters for arbitrage strategies

This addon for SharpTrader is more than just a tool; it’s a community-driven solution that adapts to various trading environments, empowering traders to make smarter, data-driven decisions in their arbitrage trading endeavors. AI-Enhanced Arbitrage Strategy Optimizer for SharpTrader is based on OpenAI technology.

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