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TrendPulse is a state-of-the-art Forex robot that leverages the SharpTrader arbitrage platform to facilitate trading across a wide range of brokers and platforms. Distinct from typical arbitrage strategies, TrendPulse is designed to be non-toxic to Forex brokers, focusing on impulse trading with a proprietary impulse indicator. This innovative bot intelligently opens positions at the start of market trends, utilizing an ATR-based filter for enhanced decision-making. With a commitment to low-risk trading, TrendPulse ensures a single position per instrument, avoids increasing position sizes post-loss, and employs advanced filtering to maintain stability and performance in the volatile Forex market.

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TrendPulse Forex bot can only operate under the management of the SharpTrader platform. The coding module allows you to use the volatility filter and create your own filters.

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TrendPulse is a cutting-edge Forex robot operating under the Forex arbitrage platform SharpTrader, enabling it to trade on virtually any broker or platform through SharpTrader connectors. Unlike typical arbitrage strategies, the TrendPulse Forex bot is broker-friendly and does not engage in toxic trading practices. At its core, TrendPulse relies on an impulse trading algorithm, utilizing a unique impulse indicator developed by BJF Trading Group Inc. This robot identifies a series of market impulses and initiates positions at the onset of trends triggered by these impulses.

TrendPulse forex bot trend catch example

Pic. 1TrendPulse Forex bot – trading example

An additional layer of sophistication is added through the use of ATR (Average True Range) indicators. These indicators measure market volatility essential for trend continuation, allowing for more nuanced trading decisions (Note: To use the ATR filter and create custom filters, traders must have a license for the SharpTrader platform’s coding module). Position exits are managed with a trailing stop, ensuring that the bot does not open more than one position per trading instrument and does not increase the position size after a loss, thereby avoiding the pitfalls of martingale or grid strategies and maintaining a low-risk profile.

TrendPulse Forex Robot settings

Pic 2.TrendPulse Forex bot settings

Furthermore, TrendPulse employs a rapid feed to filter out (and prohibit) entries during arbitrage situations that may arise due to various factors, such as the release of significant economic news, large volumes, or emotional market responses. This ensures that TrendPulse remains a sophisticated, low-risk Forex robot designed for the modern trader seeking stability and performance.

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