Tips for beginners with arbitrage bots Tuesday May 4th, 2021 – Posted in: Arbitrage Software

We would like to give you tips for beginners with arbitrage robots. These tips will help you avoid mistakes that some people make, and in conclusion, choose the best arbitrage robot for you whilst trading using the robot without a false start.

To begin, you need to choose the program that’s right for you. When we started, we created charts and diagrams for clients, but most clients went against our advice and acted on their own beliefs and preferences. In most cases, this did not go well.

I recommend choosing latency arbitrage (it can be standard latency arbitrage for MT4, standard latency arbitrage for MT5 and FIX API, VIP MT4 Latency Arbitrage or VIP MT5 Latency arbitrage software) only for those who can frequently change brokers. If you can make many accounts for your friends and family, latency arbitrage is the software for you, if you don’t have this opportunity, you should use arbitrage with hedging and locking capabilities. An example of such software can be lock arbitrage (it can be standard Lock Arbitrage for MT4 and FIX API, VIP MT4 Lock Arbitrage, VIP MT5 Lock Arbitrage, and VIP FIX API Lock Arbitrage ), or hedge arbitrage (it can be standard hedge arbitrage for MT4 and FIX API or VIP Multi Leg Arbitrage), which works on two accounts and hence increases the time of work with one broker.

If you have the opportunity, we most of all recommend the VIP Deep-Analysis Arbitrage Software “DAAS” program, which has multiple strategies and creates a non-toxic volume, easily disguised to the broker.

After you have selected the arbitrage program based on your preferences and opportunities, we will create a brokerage account. We always go back to the same idea when discussing this topic, no matter how much discussion occurs between you and the broker about using arbitrage, the broker will give you the okay to use arbitrage, but this will ruin trading for you and all others using arbitrage as the broker will be extra wary of these programs. We strictly recommend not discussing your strategies with the broker. If the broker is your friend, then he will create the best trading environment for you regardless of the strategy you are using, so telling him about the strategy can only do more harm than good.
If you are using lock arbitrage, and you want to open two accounts for locking on the same broker: firstly, you need to open both accounts with a delay, secondly, these accounts need to have different IP addresses, and thirdly, these accounts need to be under different names. If you take you and your relative, for example, you can open the first account with your computer, under your name, with your unique IP address, (make sure not to open the account unless it is on the original device that it was created on, this includes mobile applications, which are often used by our clients to check their balance). Using your relative’s information, you can use our recommended VPS to create a second account. The first account you created will be logged into the program through an IP changer, this way the broker will see you have a unique IP for this account and your computer, whilst the other account will also be opened through a VPS but not on your computer. We also mentioned that you need to have a delay between account creation, and you may be wondering why. This is done in order for the accounts to not have consecutive numbers. To show that both accounts are not created by the same person, you should open one account, wait for five to seven days, open a second account, and only then configure the program. It is also desirable not to make the same deposit on the account, that is, make deposits that are slightly different, $ 5,000 and let’s say $ 4,700, such a difference will make it less and less likely to suspect that there is arbitrage being used.

So, after you have opened accounts, we begin to configure the programs, you may need to contact our support, but we also recommend that you carefully study the instructions of the videos that are included in the program so that you understand how the program works, this will help in understanding how to configure and reconfigure the software. We also recommend using demo accounts to start, if you use demo accounts on the same broker as your real, use the method that we explained previously to hide your presence as well avoid any suspicion. You should use demo accounts, after which you will have the opportunity to ask the questions you need, as well as to increase your confidence in trading using your real funds.

After you have started trading, we recommend that you test other brokers, as well as other accounts, that is, not only those brokers that we recommend, but also brokers who you have found yourself, because the brokers that you found yourself, may work for a longer time as they may not know about us, and hence there will be less need to change accounts.

Now specifically about the programs. If you are using latency arbitrage, then it is better to use it with locking on one account in our VIP Latency arbitrage we have built-in strategies, on MT4 and for MT5, that is, the Lock CL and Lock Cl2 strategies. We recommend choosing between these, and the differences between them are described before.

If you are using latency, it is better to test the software with a small lot to see which currencies work better, and then start increasing your lot in stages, in order to get the maximum profit until the broker bans your account. A ban is characterized by an increase in the execution time of orders, the appearance of slippage, as well as losses and zeros in your transactions. In this case, you need to stop trading, withdraw your money, and start working with other brokers and other accounts, following the aforementioned process to avoid flagging by the broker.

If you use the Lock Arbitrage, the same rules apply as to Latency, but here we do not recommend increasing the size of the lot rapidly, we recommend trading smoothly since such trading is more hidden from the broker, and you can trade longer for smaller profit, that is, we recommend profit in the region of 40-45% per month, no more than that.

Finally, the most secure program, which we recommend at all levels of trading, at the moment is DAAS. This program includes strategies such as Lock Cl, Lock, Cl2, Triangular arbitrage, and Statistical arbitrage, and DAAS creates a non-toxic volume, masking your strategy from the broker.
If you want to trade crypto, you can choose between VIP Crypto Arbitrage Software or choose hedge arbitrage within the DAAS program. We recommend using DAAS, as you can choose the strategies you would like within one program, hence optimizing the usage of the VPS as well as the processor, and makes your job easier. You can watch strategies, manage equity for all strategies, and so on from just one program, instead of multiple.

We hope that this article helped you learn more about our work, will help you in the creation of your accounts, and showed you how to start trading effectively from day one. We urge you to contact us with any questions, and wish you good luck and happy trading!